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Company Introduction

With its unique technical advantages, Huan Media has become the first company with the exclusive operation right of the railway Wi-Fi wireless network system and the exclusive operation right of the university Wi-Fi wireless network system. It has signed the operation agreement with the national high value Railway Bureau and transportation Group, and cooperated with Sichuan Wenxuan Digital Media to exclusively operate the wireless network of universities in southwest China. The business covers the whole country and carries out the north-south railway connection and the vertical distribution of southwest universities.

The company has been in steady development since its establishment. The system of "high-quality hardware solutions + supporting entertainment information content service comprehensive experience cloud platform" has gradually become the industry benchmark and the leading one, and it is the preferred wireless network information platform service provider in China.

Company accumulated abundant experiences over the years in North America and the operation and execution team, research and development of "Regional data center synchronous operating system", "Train data operations and the Internet security system", "Integration of station car rail system emergency response mechanism" is suitable for the present situation of China's railway development such as advanced management mechanism, relying on these core technical support, the company has significant advantages in the fierce competition in the relevant market.

The company is committed to building an open platform, driven by the unique corporate culture, continue to create value for customers, achieve win-win, become the domestic transportation and railway mobile Internet service leader.

The operating mode of the mobile wireless network system and service platform developed by the company has been recognized by seven railway bureaus, and the company has acquired the exclusive operation right of all major railway stations and trains within the jurisdiction of the bureau. Through wireless Wi-Fi transmission technology and real-time background management system, it provides high-quality Internet access, entertainment, information and convenience services to hundreds of millions of users in high-density stations and on fast-moving trains.

The company has reached exclusive wi-fi-management agreements with a number of long-distance bus management companies to build and operate wireless system platform services at stations and long-distance buses within its jurisdiction. The company has completed the construction of all major stations and put long-distance buses into service.

The company will continue to participate in the bidding of wireless network construction of railway stations and trains in major cities across the country. It is expected to increase the operation of thousands of long-distance buses and hundreds of railway stations in 2018, accounting for two-thirds of the railway traffic coverage in China and becoming a leader in rail transit information service in China.

In 2018, the company began to expand the vertical industry entrance in the field of education, and exclusively operated the wireless network of colleges and universities. The smart campus big data business was applied to colleges and universities in southwest China, and the company cooperated with the Publicity Department, Education Department, New China Wenxuan and Sichuan Mobile to provide relevant value-added network services for college students in southwest China. In 2019, the company expand its business in the field of health and fitness, and invest in and participate in (Chengdu FeiFei Excellent Network Technology Co., LTD.) to independently develop "FeiFei fitness platform".

Business products

The main product of the company is the railway transit passenger service information platform, which is aimed at the specific user group in the semi-closed environment and provides passengers with the integrated entertainment information service experience from the arrival, boarding, departure and departure of the station through the exclusive network, to meet the passengers' all-round needs in different environments.

The company has independently developed entertainment information service platform -- Huan Media Big Data Service Platform, and signed copyright licensing agreements with a number of domestic front-line film and music copyright suppliers. The licensed film sources, film and television content and licensed music are regularly updated, including games, applications, news, magazines and O2O shopping platforms.

Patents and Property rights

The company has 52 intellectual property rights that can be searched, including 21 trademark information, 4 patent information, 9 software Copyrights and 18 website information. In addition, radio and TELEVISION program production license, network culture license and other related software, media, cultural certificates.

With the increasing of users, the platform has a large number of user data, mid long-term continuous develop big data and Huan Media has its own exchange data of railway, highway travel data sharing, combine with the future of the company products, focus on big data strategy, expand the field of big data business, integrate various data resources, through the capitalization operation, independent building, led by Huan Media, the big data of industrial park, vertical segmentation gradually build big data applications in the field of economic ecosystem.

We adhere to the core values of "good as water, benevolent without boundary", adhere to humanistic care, strive to create value, serve the society, have the courage to innovate, pursue excellence, and work hard to realize our personal dream, corporate dream and Chinese dream.

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