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The Conference on promoting high-quality Economic Development was held in Chenghua District of Chengdu city on July 30, 2018. Sichuan Huan Media Technology Co., Ltd. has been listed in the "Chengdu Chenghua District New Economy Key Enterprise Cultivation Plan" and won the "Chengdu Chenghua District New Economy Unicorn Cultivation Enterprise". This is because after receiving the honor of "Chengdu Hundred Key Enterprises For New Economy Cultivation", Huan Media Co., Ltd. is highly trusted and affirmed by the Chenghua District government again. Huan Media Technology Co., Ltd. will also receive strong support in economic development, policy support, enterprise talent cultivation and other aspects.

Right: Deputy secretary and Head governor of Chung hua district-Pu fayou

Left: Chairman of Huan Media Techonology Co.,Ltd-He zhizhou

"Unicorn Enterprise" is the key cultivation project for new economy gradient enterprises in Chenghua District of Chengdu in 2018. As a unicorn of new economy, Huan Media Technology Co., Ltd. has been in the leading position in the high-speed leap-forward development and high-quality economic development, and has played an important supporting force. It has been further supported in the development trend of precise service, establishment of corresponding service mechanism with the government, and stratification, and has been able to gather new driving forces for high-quality economic development.

Sichuan Huan Media Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the only three unicorns among the 17 key cultivating enterprises in Chenghua District of Chengdu. By demonstrating its firm determination to leap forward, innovate and promote development. Huan Media Co., Ltd. will further consolidate the support of modern new economy industry and start the first battle of high-quality industrial system construction, further driving the new trend of new economy industry development and opening a new situation of industrial diversification.

Huan Media Technology shareholders meeting

I am grateful for the support and affirmation from party and government leaders to the shares of Huan media. This honor is the result of the joint efforts of every “Huan Media Man”. Meanwhile, I am also grateful for your company's company and efforts all the way.