Huan Media Technology,vigorous improving---On the list of

       On July 2, 2020, "Chengdu New Economy 'Double Hundred Project' Enterprise Innovation and Development Exchange Conference" was solemnly held, sponsored by Chengdu Municipal Party Com  mittee and Chengdu New Economy Commission.

At the meeting, "Chengdu New Economic Growth Partnership Plan" jointly launched by The Municipal Commission of New Economy, municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Municipal Bureau of Financial Supervision and Management, chengdu Branch of the People's Bank of China was also officially released. The program focuses on "Double hundred Project" enterprises in the new economy. Professionals from relevant departments serve as the science and technology service specialist, financial service specialist and financing service specialist of new economy enterprises, providing one-to-one services, and becoming the "Loyal follower" and the "partner" of enterprise development. Thanks to the environmental construction and policy support of Chengdu's new economy, these enterprising and innovative enterprises jointly form a powerful resultant force to promote the development of Chengdu's new economy.

       The list of key cultivating enterprises of the "Double Hundred Projects" of the new Economy released today, Sichuan Huan Media Technology Co., Ltd. as one of the two top 100 enterprises in Chenghua District of Chengdu, won the "top 100 Enterprises of the New Economy in 2020" award, and Mr. He zhizhou, the chairman of the board, won the "Top 100 Talents of the New Economy in 2020" award.

       Chengdu new economy platform has been the development of re-economic enterprises, providing advanced, innovative, powerful and intimate development environment for Chengdu new economy enterprises, chengdu new economy enterprises like a rising star in the chengdu market economy environment is emitting its own unique glory. As a big data enterprise in the new economy, Huan Media Technology Co., Ltd. has been resilient in the aspect of various market environments during its steady development, and has a keen sense of market environment during its innovative development. It is committed to creating a big data platform connecting the upstream and downstream ecological environment. We are all the more honored to receive this prestigious award in the vast new economy.

Again, I would like to thank Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, Chengdu New Economic Commission and entrepreneurs from all walks of life for their recognition and support of Huan Media Technology. We would like to thank our family members for their persistent trust in us. We will continue to be grateful, innovative, professional, sincere and integrated on the platform of new economy.