Two main data entrances of platform

combination of diversified big data scenarios.

Independent research and development of big data platform & Advantages in Internet operation experience

Obtained the exclusive right to operate the wireless network of seven major railway bureaus in China& Southwest university wireless network exclusive operation right.

Combine the two accurate Internet traffic system,build an industry big data integrated service ecosystem.

The coverage of 1.3 billion railway passengers and high-tech and precise population, the data strategic cooperation with network operators, supplemented by Ali Cloud big data platform, creates a real-time ecological big data system.

By providing the best hardware solutions and supporting entertainment information content service integrated experience cloud platform, the company has become the industry benchmark and leader in the field of wireless network information platform service, promoting the construction and reform of Internet information in China's railway system and intelligent Universities

With the rapid development of public transportation tools and the improvement of basic network environment, in the future development process, the company will gradually expand its business scope on the basis of consolidating existing products and operational advantages, including long-distance passenger transportation, public transportation and other wireless network industry chain fields.

At the same time, the big data generated by the Critical Mass flow of long-distance traffic and the high and new accurate user flow, combined with the data resources of the three operators, creates a more targeted and effective data analysis system for different industries, and brings accurate marketing services and experiences with more commercial value to the industry and partners. Big data services in the public sector will lead to the next business explosion opportunity of CMP.

Accurate user portrait

Based on flow entrance petabytes tech-oriented published data and propagation path, using semantic analysis, emotional algorithm, user perception of brand image cognition, consumption idea and consumption habits, with the help of a distributed cloud computing engine, constantly accurate portrait of user.

Integration of high-quality resources

After several years of fast development, Through integrating with Baidu, Tencent, Ali Mama, Ping an group, Life insurance group, China telecom, China unicom, China mobile, Letv, zhongguang, Duomi and other 100+ quality channels and resources integration, the use of big data ecosystem to help enterprises reshape product data value chain and value points, reduce operating costs, improve operating income.

Value-added data service

Based on the ecological big data system and data-driven business, it provides enterprises with accurate one-to-one scene-based marketing, destination tourism O2O promotion and operation cooperation, game and entertainment distribution, new media and data-based value-added operation services through real-time artificial intelligence regulation.