• Huan Media Big Data Service Platform: It is a wireless Wi-Fi platform with its own intellectual property rights. On the basis of providing Wi-Fi services for business travelers in railway stations and college students, it also provides a comprehensive content service platform with rich video and audio, entertainment, games, information and various convenient functions.

    Seamless connection

    The platform for the specific user groups, of semi-closed environment integrates railway station car, railway station, bus, get off,from the stand of one-piece entertainment, and the integration of entertainment and information service experience, relying on seamless docking and semi-closed concentration improved the Internet under special circumstances arrival rate of the product distribution.

    Rich entertainment content

    The Huan Media Big Data Service Platform is deployed on both the WEB and APP terminals, with programs such as movies, music, anecdotes, games, etc., providing users with carefully selected entertainment content and enriching their travel time.

    There are more than 1,000 legitimate film and television resources on the online Huan Media Big Data Service Platform, with a total length of more than 100,000 hours. More than 10,000 pieces of reading resources, legal music up to 100,000 pieces. Meanwhile, it cooperates with Netease, Tencent and other high-quality game CP to update popular game resources timely.

    The Big Data Service Platform has been expanding and is committed to providing the majority of users with newer and better entertainment and leisure experience!

    Train and station services

    Huan Media Big Data Service Platform has opened the station characteristic service and some on-board service. Users can enjoy station related resources, such as merchant discount, preferential purchase, benefit rebate, Little Red Riding Hood service, VIP lounge, business car service and other exclusive privileges through the Wi-Fi service platform of Huan Media. On the train, users can also inquire their own train information, information of cities (stations) along the way, weather conditions, and make reservation for pick-up services in advance through the Huan Media Big Data Service Platform.

    O2O mature solutions along the railway

    Based on the huge passenger flow of the railway, O2O construction along the railway has been the focus of the development of Huan Media Big Data Service Platform. In order to better help merchants along the railway to provide products and services to railway passengers, we provide a one-stop O2O solution for exclusive shopping malls to help cooperative merchants solve the problems such as high O2O threshold, unguaranteed flow and difficult promotion. By simply connecting to merchants on the Huan Media Big Data Service Platform, merchants' products and services can be exposed to nearly 1.3 billion travelers.

    Through customized promotion, display advertising, film placement advertising, big data screening, precise push, cooperative activities, game interaction and other platforms built in a variety of business marketing models, to ensure the continuous attention of online and offline users.

  • Beijing interaction business center: In 2016, the company introduced a team with rich experience and extraordinary R&D strength, which greatly enriched the R&D strength of Beijing Interactive business center. A number of projects are in the development process, with diversified types, such as future science fiction system of two-dimensional mobile game, and vertical 3D real-time strategy game, etc.

    With the rich channel resources of the team, more than 80 mobile games were released on the entertainment information service platform, including more than 60 online games, more than 20 single-player games, and nearly 100 H5 games. The types of game access products are rich and varied: there are great titles from first-tier manufacturers, such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Beautiful Ghost, Bad people and Wind and Cloud of the world, etc.; there are also various leisure competitions, board games and H5 games, which are popular nowadays. It meets the different needs of users for leisure and entertainment when they use the Huan Media Big Data Service Platform of the media.

    At the same time, I started the independent publicity and operation of overseas games. With my rich media resources and publicity and distribution channels, I launched one new game every month in succession, such as "Girl of monsters", "Tsundere three kingdoms", "Light of adventure" and "Zombie conflict". The company has maintained good business relations with more than 50 domestic publishers, cooperated with more than 200 intermodal manufacturers, more than 40 domestic mainstream channels, and also has a long and good business relations with North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea overseas mainstream game developed regions.