The company's service target is mainly based on the wi-fi service field of the domestic train network which is crowded but almost blank. In line with the information construction of China's railway system, mobile wireless services and high-quality entertainment content are actively promoted in railway stations and trains, benefiting the public and society. At the same time to expand the vertical field of university WiFi business.

At present, the company has successfully worked with Jinan, Harbin, Chengdu, Wuhan, Kunming, Xi 'an and Shenyang and other railway systems to jointly provide wireless network system and service platform in all trains and railway stations under its jurisdiction, actively promote the information reform of the railway system, and has received strong support from units at all levels.

The wireless network information system and service platform provided by the company have significantly improved the management efficiency and service quality of railway stations and Bus, further improve the convenience service for passengers. In the railway system and the company to form a win-win at the same time, so that passengers enjoy convenience. The exclusive operation of the wireless network of colleges and universities, smart campus big data business to the southwest universities, the publicity department, the Department of education, New China Wenxuan, and Sichuan Mobile cooperation, providing college students with network value-added services.

Huan Media Wifi cloud management platform


The stable Wi-Fi network architecture ensures 99.9% reliability for Wi-Fi applications.


The device has the characteristics of anti-virus and anti-Trojan, which plays a good defense role against various illegal AP countermeasures. Meanwhile, it enables a variety of network security protocols and audit interfaces, effectively ensuring the information security of users.


Distributed cloud design, effective centralized management of millions of AP and wireless devices, double the efficiency with half the effort

Huan Media Wifi technique advatanges

  • Distributed network architecture

    We will ensure sustained, healthy, safe and stable operation of the network.

  • Expandability

    Expand a variety of different modules, it can be compatible with different types of equipment, for the future of different types of business lay a solid foundation.

  • Cost-effective

    Based on the accumulation of independent technology, it can guarantee the safety and stability and meet the different needs of customers, and at the same time, it can consider for customers in terms of initial investment cost and later maintenance, and significantly reduce the operation and maintenance cost compared with the products in the same industry.

  • Mature Portal platform

    With the maturity of technology and the accumulation of users, Portal platform has gradually become a strong entry point for advertising and marketing of various products. Meanwhile, it combines big data technology to get through offline sales.

  • Quality service

    In addition to providing quality and stable construction and operation services, the company is also constantly improving the operation quality and service level. By building a professional team of operation, maintenance, operation and customer service, we can deal with emergencies at any time, so as to improve the experience of partners and end users.

  • Comprehensive audit platform

    Docking with a variety of network audit systems.